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The easiest development environment for Windows and Windows Mobile

PPL 2 (Pocket Programming Language version 2) is the next generation of ArianeSoft Inc's easy to use and powerful development tool for building robust windows as well as Windows Mobile applications. This release brings the power of PPL fully to mainstream Windows-based desktop software development, while maintaining complete runtime and development capabilities on all Windows-based mobile devices.

PPL 2 represents a massive leap forward for this already popular development environment for all Windows platforms, both PC and mobile. The new, highly visual development interface is extremely powerful and easy to learn, facilitating programming with no coding required. Learn more...

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  • IDE with simple drag and drop interface.
  • Code profiler and memory leak analyzer tools.
  • Enhanced debugger with stack, callstack, variables watch, etc...
  • Visual programming.
  • Fast code compiling and execution.
  • PPL Control library for faster development.
  • Powerful database engine using industry standards
  • Fast and intuitive game engine.
  • Targets: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5.


Reduce development time.

New IDE loaded with enhanced tools for debugging and profiling your code, creating forms visually, brand new visual programming, project manager, object-oriented libraries and coding style.

  • Object-oriented project manager.
  • Create new classes by dragging and dropping icons.
  • New code editor with code completion, syntax highlighting, code completion.
  • Brand new debugger.
  • Advanced object properties editor.
  • Code templates.
  • Profiler and memory leak tools fully integrated in the IDE.
  • Plugin engine to allow IDE's enhancements.
  • Powerful search wizard. Search for anything, anywhere.

Get results faster.

The PPL language has been enhanced in many ways. It offers faster speed, advanced object-oriented features, generates smaller compiled files and best of all, it is 100% compatible with PPL 1.x syntax.

  • Full multi-threading support.
  • Faster interpreter (40% faster than LUA)
  • Smaller compiled files generation.
  • Powerful object value binding.

Seeing is believing.

Dragging and dropping objects to create powerful application sounds surreal? PPL 2 has proven to be the easiest development tool on the market, thanks to its visual programming language. Instead of writing code by hand you can simply design your application visually with your mouse.

  • Icon based object-oriented visual programming.
  • Use the object properties editor to fill in the blanks.

Give your application mobility *

Run you application on your Windows Mobile phone without any changes to your project. PPL 2 is designed from the ground up to allow the creation of Windows and Windows Mobile applications with any code alteration.

  • SQLite 3.x library.
  • RS232 (serial) library.
  • TCP/IP (socket) library.
  • GPS communication. (**)
  • Bluetooth communication. (**)

* Windows Mobile SDK is sold separately.
** Library not included in object-oriented framework.

Be the game designer, not the game developer *

The Swirl game engine allows for the creation of very complex games without needing the knowledge to develop them. The game engine hides technical complexion behind high-level objects and functions.

  • Visual level editor.
  • Graphic file formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Sprite engine with pixel-perfect collision detection.
  • Physic engine with simple setup of few properties.
  • Particle engine that is flexible.
  • Sound engine. (MP3, OGG, MOD, WAV)
  • Automatic isometric sprite placement.
  • Per-pixel alpha-blending using PNG file format.

* Swirl package is sold separately.

Provide your customers with a compact solution on time. *

Build small, fast database application in less time with the embedded SQL object-oriented engine without the need for any configuration or server deployment. Self contained, one file, SQL database with multiple tables. The industry proven SQLite engine is compact (less than 300k dll module) and its performance makes it one the most widely deployed database engine in the world.

  • Object-oriented SQLite database engine. (Serverless, no configuration, transactional)
  • Design databases visually with objects.
  • Visual query editor. Design your SQL queries visually (no need to remember the SQL language's syntax)
  • Grid control to display and edit your tables or queries.
  • Visually design reports that can be previewed and printed.

* Orion database engine package is sold separately.


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